Thursday, May 24, 2007

Feelin Skirty?

::sings:: I made new skirts! I made new skirts!
Ello my people!
I wanted something to wear with my cute tanks so here we go:)
I love nameing my colors oddly if any of you who have bought anything of mine know.
These skirts are no exceptions.
We start off with GreenLash, then Natural(ok I am a lil boring on this time)
GothGirls, and ShinnyBone(bc skeletons remind me of a creepy song about a stolen shinny bone).
So I'm going out of town this weekend so no new stuff till later next week:(
Happy Hoildays:)
~Abby Coalcliff

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hey You I could be your Girlfriend!!

Its me again With a Super Fantastic Outfit!!!
I call it Girlfriend because its totally inspired by the one of the outfits Avril wears in the video for Girlfriend. Its a Royal Blue Silly tee. With you choice of Cutesy plaid shorts or Booty shorts! I also have paired fishnets and tubesocks for a funky look!!!
Check it out!!
***** Also since in I'm still Celebrating EMJ's new Sim Opening still *******
******this outfit can only be found at Devilish Cupcake at EmJ'sSouthernParadise******
EMJ -- Elexor Matador Jewely & Amelia Abernathy Designs, Southern Paradise (147, 6, 25)

Hey! Hey! You! You!
I don't like your girlfriend!
No way! No way!
I think you need a new one

You're so fine
I want you mine
You're so delicious
I think about ya all the time
You're so addictive~Avril Lavigne GirlFriend

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Exciting news!

Big Exciting News!!
A new cool sim is opening up this weekend and everyone should come!!
Elexor Matodor Jewelry's sim in fact. You may or may not know him but he has ultra classy lovely jewelry!
I mention this in much fondness because him and his partner rock and I have the prettiest vendor spot there!
Also if all those this weren't good enough I will have a special outfit made that will be released just for that vendor site!
~Abby Coalcliff

Something smells Fishy!!!

Woohoo a new top and that's very fishy indeed bc its fish net!
I made this from a request of one of my dear sisters. Its extremely versatile. So wear it with everything!!!Muhahaha
I have also made some new tank sets: The tank, Grumpy Tank, and CupcakeGirl Tank!
There are huge variety of colors so eat your heart out!
I mustn't forget my 3pack of camo capris and Bermuda shorts(not shown).
~Abby Coalcliff

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

LemonDrops are Goooooood!!!

Yes a new dress and a new ad layout. We are all about change for the better so with some thoughtful advice from friends I changed my freaky ad layout to a lil more classy.
Well here is yet another dress. I call it LemonDrop. Its sweet and a lil tarty.Sorry to anymore who isn't into dresses I've made 3 in a row now and longing to make more, but I'm going to be good and mix in some new sweet items later this week.
If you look maybe not so hard you will notice I have a new model! StyleDisorder's very own Willow Caldera. She is very sinfully sweet and funny to boot:P I am so happy with her pictures. Secretly I like others in my clothes more then me:)
~Abby Coalcliff

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Mother's Day Rocks!

Ello people! Mom's day is here!!!
We have a special top just for Mother's Day!
Be the Coolest chic on your block by proudly declaring,"Someone gave birth to me and they rock!" or you don't like your mom? This Tops fully transferable. Give it to a mom or someone who actually likes there mom.
The best part is its only 5L!!!!!
~Abby Coalcliff

Thursday, May 3, 2007

New Dresses!

I just got done whipping these new dresses together. Thanks to my sis, Talyn, who semi-collaborated with me by providing the under lace for the dresses that frankly makes them ROCK!
The motivation behind the CherryValance dress was these awesome retro red pumps I got at ShinyThings not to long ago. I hunt for reasons to wear them!!
From there I just made the ZsaZsa dress for something different and now I end up liking it more. Funny how those things happen.
Now on the ZsaZsa dress I have to mention EarthTones who made the amazing jewlery that I'm wearing in the ad. Its crazy Beautiful!
~Abby Coalcliff

I have a blog!

OMG I have a blog.
Well let me introduce myself. My name is Abby Coalcliff. I'm the owner and clothing designer for Devilish cupcake:)
Right now Devilish cupcake is located at several vendors spots. I've only been making clothes for a couple of months now so haven't really got big enough for a store.
My RL and SL sisters pulled my into the game and now I'm hooked. You might have heard of them in SL. The very talented Talyn Barrett of Analise's and Angelica Trescothick, rockin DJ.
Talyn has been teaching me how to make clothes and I hope to do her proud!
I'm really happy with how my clothing has turned out so far and keeps getting better so woohooo!
~Abby Coalcliff