Friday, November 30, 2007

New shop!!!

Hi all I was asked to set up shop in the coolest new sim!!!

Its a Zoo themed sim called "Le Zoo". I got the great pleasure of exploring it already and it Rocks!!!!!!
All the animals are so cute, and the new Pushbutton Industies and Tuli flagships stores are amazing! Plus they got so many fun things to do and soooo many great lil shops like Calla, PunchDrunk, me...etc. LOL
I'll have a special freebie just for my shop there too:)
~Abby Coalcliff

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Devilish Holiday Wear!!!

This Season I've noticed the special importance of color. So for my new festive collection I wanted to use use rich colors and interesting patterns and textures to really give some umph!
First we start out with the Stella's Blouse. I finally got down using my tablet!
I loved drawing this and the Stella Dress I felt like I was creating works of art. lol
I had to add the Stella' Sassy Pants to this collection since they are something I wanted in RL too:)

more newness...

This Blazer was kind of a experiment for me, because if your a designer you know how evil white is to work with. I'm pretty proud how it turned out:)
Next we the Stella Camis you can buy them as a whole set and all colors of the roses are included, or if you buy the camis seperately you get 2 roses the cordinating color rose plus a black one.
I like pants options so I threw in these Gritty Slacks.
Also if you like none of my clothes and just want the roses I made them available too!
So eat your heart out!
~Abby Coalcliff